Ok. So I pretty much hibernated over the winter I guess. Lol. Too much going on and way too cold for me!

But like an old friend, I may have been gone for a bit but always here. With the warmer weather and more sunlight I feel like I’m waking up from a bad dream. Lately it’s been WAY too much drama!! And I’ve allowed myself to let all of my energy drift towards it and away from my friends and family. So I guess it is that I am waking up from a bad dream...I’m more aware now of what’s important. More aware now of the negativity that I was swirling in and slowly climbing out of. So it’s way past time to get back to ME! My enjoyments and my loved ones. So hello again. I’ll be writing more soon. Probably nothing as deep or as dark as this, but we all need our moments. Good night for now.

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