Not really Jeggings...

It took a while but I finally received my jeggings from AE (American Eagle). I give them a 5 out of 10. For normal jeans they are pretty comfortable. Somewhat soft and more comfortable than the jeans I currently own. But when I see reviews like “soft soft and comfortable“ and “best jeggings ever!” I’m expecting the look of jeans with the feel of leggings. And they definitely do not feel like leggings! They feel like skinny jeans. I’m around a size 8 to 10 in regular jeans and after reading the reviews I decided on a size 8. The fit pretty well and mu stomach doesn’t feel squished, but I was CONSTANTLY pulling them up! The back pockets were huge. I guess I don’t have the correct size butt for their size 8. Being 5’ 2” I knew they would probably be long on me and I would need to pull the waist up higher than what I like to get a better fit. But the waist would not stay up! And I felt like I was walking around half of the day with the crotch of my pants halfway down my thighs! I feel that if I tried a smaller size that it would be too tight around my waist. For a total of just over $30 I would have to say that these will not be my “go to” jeggings or jeans for comfort. Photos to show what I purchased I’ll be posting photos of myself i

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