Natural Hair Care That Works?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

When I first started on my “toxin free” journey years ago, I will DEFINITELY admit that the performance of a LOT of products was HORRIBLE!!!

While yes, I was making much better choices as to what I was using on my body, I was not getting the same results from the products I’d used previously. Which I’m sure you can understand why it is so difficult to make those changes to your lifestyle. One of the things I struggled with the MOST was hair care. “Natural” shampoos and conditioners were messing my hair up!

It was a CONSTANT struggle and I WASTED A TON OF MONEY! It was making my hair too oily or too dry. Or the gel or styling products wouldn’t hold. Or it completely stripped my hair of moisture.

Then I came across EVOLVh. I decided to give it a try. They had some really great reviews and I was desperate and ready to give up. So I purchased the “Curls Discovery Kit”. The price point was really good and the perfect size to try. I immediately fell in love with the shampoo and conditioner!! The styling products took some time to get my hair used to being healthy en for it to work. The ”Curly Girl Expert” in the company actually CALLED me after the email I sent and walked me through the “Clean” hair process.

She was so sweet and amazing that I decided to try what she suggested and to keep using everything in the kit until I had successfully detoxed my hair. Years later I’m still in love with their products and use them daily. Click below to get your personalized hair care regimen.

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