Momma’s TIRED!

Today is my first day off in two weeks. Yes...let that sink in. Lol. It’s insane.

Mostly my fault. If I didn’t need to be so “extra” I probably wouldn’t have to work so hard. Lol.

My husband had been out of town all week and luckily my mom and dad helped out a ton! So much so, my son threw a fit every time I picked him up to take him home. All week I’ve heard “I hate being at home!”, “I like grandma and pa pa’s house better!”, “You’re so BORING!”, “I don’t love you!”!

I’m just exhausted. My son is acting like a complete brat and I just don’t have the energy to fight today. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not running around getting away with everything, he’s just really pushing my buttons. So needless to say I got 2 things done out of the MILLION things I needed to get accomplished today. “Sigh”

Tomorrow is another day. A day I’m grateful to have.

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